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Not just his eye. [Yuri Gripas/Reuters]

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Best of Blogs Round-Up: Thursday, April 13, 2006


I don't know, really. I made my way back to Lebanon because I felt that I needed to do something: find my dad. I don't know if I am disillusioned or what, maybe I should give up on it and accept reality. But what is reality?? I am not sure I believe that my dad was killed. I just hope that he wouldn't be in one of those mass graves that are being found occasionally - or those that will never be found. It's so difficult to go about getting information. I feel like I'm going nowhere. I don't have anything to start from.

[Editor's Note: April 13 marks the anniversary of the Lebanese civil war, which began on this date in 1975]



Featured Blog, I: The Deer Hunter 2
Let's Not Nuke Iran Yet

Writing in the New Yorker magazine Seymour Hersh claims that the Bush Administration is formulating plans to invade Iran, plans that include the use of nuclear weapons. While this sounds like a great idea, I don't think we should rush into things before we take care of some unfinished business.

It is said that generals are always fighting the last war, which is a pretty good strategy as it confuses the enemy who mistakenly believes you are fighting the current war. In the first Iraq War, Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf were actually re-fighting the Vietnam War again, determined to get it right this time. In the latest War in Iraq, President Bush has been fighting the last Iraq War--and Vietnam. I think you see the pattern here. So before we move on to nuking Iran, there's one war we need to win once and for all: The Vietnam War. The specter of the Vietnam War is always going to hang over our country until we win this war decisively. That's why I think the next country we should invade is Vietnam.

I think a new Vietnam War is one we could actually win. Vietnam has not fought a war since it invaded Cambodia 30 years ago, while we have had a lot of practice. We would certainly have the advantage of surprise. It would prove to the world that we are interested in more than just oil (although some liberals might accuse us of "trading blood for rice"). And I think it would give the Swift Boat Veterans the sense of closure they so desperately need.

I think we have learned a lot from our mistakes the first time around. Everyone knows that it was the press' fault that we didn't win in Vietnam. But I don't think we would have to worry too much about the press undercutting our efforts this time around. In the first Vietnam War the press was allowed to run around and report whatever they wanted to. But in Vietnam War Redux all we have to do is "embed" reporters with the troops and feed them selectively leaked "scoops," and they will be happy to report only good things about the war as long as we can get it over with quickly before they get bored. Read the rest at Jon Swift...

Featured Blog, II: Lasch Advice
How to Deal With the Narcissist

Wanderer has inspired this post. His suggestion is prolly the best advice of all but if for any reson you're having to deal with a narcisssit that isn't in his/her "happy place" here's a few suggestions.

1) Butter Him/Her up.
Nothing works like flattery, a time honored way to manipulate a narcissit. And lot's of "you poor thang." "You're just too wonderful for words." "Without you, we're lost."

Of course, you'll have to stomach your own servility.

2) Let Her Be The Center of Attention.
Narcissits' self-confidence has no basis in reality. In fact, one study showed that coworkers generally rate narcisssists as below-average performers. However, they do tend to do well when all eyes are on them, and the opportunity to look like a Star is ripe. Their immunity to self doubt means that unlike most of the rest of us, they aren't afraid to be the center of attention. Stage fright isn't a big issue for these megalomaniacs. For the average person, pressure gets in the way of achievement. But the narcissist is very happy in the moments of glory. It has to be glory, though. They are not team players. If you've got a Barry Bonds on your team, give him the chance to excel----and to be admired----and then get the hell out of the his way!

3) Be Clear On The Quid Pro Quo.
When a narcissist is in charge, she'll feel no compunction asking for a lot and providing very little in return. She'll be totally focused on her vision for the project, cuz, well, it's all about her/him. Make clear the project is all about her. Make clear the rules of the game, because she's not going to play fair.

4) Don't Cross Her/Him.
If you're fool enough to disagree with just how "special" a narcissist is or if they feel they aren't getting enough respect, you MUST do it gently and be prepared for them to pull they're horse out of the race.. Read the rest at BlondSense...

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