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Bishop Fulton Sheen in a 1950s TV Guide cover, and Archbishop Jimmy Swaggart, brandishing.


A Friend Writes
Of Bishop Fulton Sheen and Other Flashbacks
Timothy Dyer/January 7, 2006

Having a spot of creativity, and decided a purple background was the most fitting color for my prose. The white of my text, naturally indicates the purity of my thought. You will have to forgive me. I’ve been doing some research on a figure from my childhood and I fear that my immersion in his words have “quickened” my soul. Good Brother Billy Graham referred to this man as, “The greatest communicator of the 20 th Century”. So much for the value of testimonials. It is a name however you may know, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen S.J. (1895-1979)

He was the “Ace Face” agent for the Pope of Rome on American TV in the late 50’s and early ‘60’s – which meant the rest of the Bishops probably hated his guts. I was, say 8-13 years. Like the sermons in Church, you never remember a word that they say. I recall the experience like standing at the beach in the surf and just enjoying the waves rolling between my legs. Nobody expects me to remember each and every wave. After all, I was there for the pleasure of my soul, to as they say, “Take the waters.” But 43 years later, without remembering a word that he said, I remember Him. “Gravitas” He had it in spades. His manner was so gooood, he could say the most outrageous shit and nobody would even blink. I recently saw the test of a piece called, “The Decline of Controversy”. He performed it in the 60’s’. He finishes with this quote:

“There was once upon a time when Christian society burned the thought in order to save society, and after all, something can be said in favor of this practice. To kill one bad thought may mean the salvation of ten thousand thinkers. The Roman emperors were alive to this fact; they killed the Christians not because they wanted their hearts, but because they wanted their heads, or better, their brains—brains that were thinking out the death of paganism.

My conclusion is yes, there is a great struggle for the soul of the Church, and all methods of battle are necessary in order to win it.”

Rev. Fulton Sheen

From: The Decline of Controversy

I read this shit and I just laughed. I understand them now. “Control the language of discussion and you control range and the outcomes.” Shatter their bullshit nominalizations and they are exposed for the blood drinking monsters they have always been. He cloaks the blood drenched carnage of his Religion in the language of fairy tales without naming his Church. He makes it the act of the entire society, as if the peasants had any say, “Christian society burned…..”, and closes with, after all, something can be said in favor of this practice.”

Yeah, a lot, but not what he would want to hear. This man would have worked with the Death-Squads of El Salvador and Guatemala and the Contras in Nicaragua . Ray-Gun would have given him a blow-job.


In fact in another day and time, disagree with this well-scrubbed, well-schooled brutalist, and he come down with his whole ‘posse’ and burn down your house and you in it. Yeah, baby, I just loves’em to death. Cannibalistic monsters. As a finale and without admitting to it, he states that his Church became just like the Roman Emperors before Constantine ’s mama and his wife screwed him up. Had him seein’ Crucifixes in the clouds. Probably decided it was the only way to gett’em off his back. As a side note, the Church of Rome took more heads for the thoughts in them than the Emperors ever did. Here’s the takeaway,

I am nothing if not perverse. I have two public speakers that I really admire and work to emulate. I detest and despise virtually everything they have to say, without exception, and I love the way they do what they do.

The first is the above named Fulton Sheen and the other is that Jumpin’ Jack Flash - Jimmy Swaggart (well-named if ever there was). If you get the chance, turn off the volume and watch brother Jimmy work the stage (sans the pot-belly vest look). Net effect: The High-Priest Wizard meets the growling Panther of the Dark. Add the merest pinch of Steve Martin, and a touch of Burt Lancaster, you might just get the Anti-Christ. Could be fun. We’ll see. Got a video coming where I get to see Uncle Fultie strut his stuff for 60 minutes. Gonna be looking for some tape/dvd on brother Jimmy. Steve and Burt are both video available. Full trance identification will require intense filtering of toxics but I’ve done that all my life and the payoff  should prove utterly delightful. Wacko f**ck**g world.

Other than that, life is good, hope it is for you. And yes, Security is always a Sham, like Absolute Truth, darlin’, there just ain’t any. We got to make it up as best we can, as we go along, and we have a local neighborhood of 400 billion stars to do it in. Pretty good sized sand box, I’d say. How come we’re sittin’ over here in the corner with the cat do-do?

Like the hyperlinks. They work. There if you want’em, just read on if’n ya don’t.

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